Cinderella has always been one of my favorite fairy tales, and the new Disney live action movie has done a wonderful job of portraying the story.  The ball scene is full of life and color, and while the magic of turning mice to horses, lizards to footmen, a goose to a driver, and a pumpkin to a carriage is exciting, the transformation of Cinderella’s tattered dress to a beautiful ballgown is stunning.  There are some great nods to the animated classic, and the magic of the tale has been preserved.  Have courage and be kind is the theme of the movie and it falls right in line with my blog theme.

Cinderella finds her faith from her mother.  Her mother tells Cinderella about fairy godmothers, and to always have courage and be kind.  When you are kind to others, most often they will be kind in return.  Even in the midst of her crisis, Cinderella was kind to an old beggar woman.  Then that same woman revealed herself as Cinderella’s fairy godmother and enabled Cinderella to go to the ball.  And while for a moment, Cinderella’s faith in fairy godmothers wavers, her faith in the power of kindness and courage does not.

Despite the tragedies that befall her, Cinderella has hope that it will all work out in the end.  She loses her mother, her father remarries and brings in a family that does not care for Cinderella, and then he dies leaving her alone with them.  She is sent to live in the attic of her own home.  Not until her stepmother cruelly rips apart the dress she was going to wear to the ball, does Cinderella’s hope waver.  And even then, enough remains that her godmother appears and grants her access to the ball.

Throughout it all, Cinderella is kind, living with love.  She cares for the mice and tends to her demanding stepsisters.  She feeds the chickens and goose, and looks after the horse.  She even kind to her cruel stepmother.  And when it comes down to marrying the prince or protecting him from those who would use him for their advantage, Cinderella makes the decision to protect him with an emphatic, “no matter what may become of me.”  This is the most powerful example of love, putting others above yourself.  The final example of Cinderella’s living with love comes near the end when she tells her stepmother that she forgives her.

Cinderella is a story that demonstrates the power of kindness.  It shows that it does really matter how we treat people, and that if we live our lives right, we can be happy.  We may experience some difficulties just like Cinderella, but if we do what is right, we will come out of them better and stronger people.


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  1. Hi Charity,

    Found your blog as part of the WD October Platform Challenge. LOVE love love Cinderella too! It is my favorite Disney fairy tale. I also love that you got your love of storytelling from your beloved Grandpa. I too had a special bond with my Pop Pop as we called him. Although he wasn’t a story teller, he was an artist. And, although I’m not an artist, I do like to draw and craft which came in handy during our homeschooling years. I remember my Pop Pop so very fondly -sitting in his lap eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream with butterscotch syrup…mmmmm, cherished memories.

    I’d like to share a post from my blog, Mamabirdy’s Country Chat, that I think you’ll enjoy( some fun ways to spend quality time with your own charming prince, but on a budget!!)


    Wishing you well with your writing career!
    Karen Doll

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