My Top Ten Christmas Movies

I love a good book at Christmastime, but I also love watching Christmas movies.  It’s a bit of tradition with my sisters, mom, and grandma.  Though we haven’t had as much time to do so recently since we are all grown and married, we still try to make a little time to watch at least one good movie together during Christmas.

Here are (in my opinion) some of the best Christmas movies, sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.

1. A Mom For Christmas.  This is a Hallmark movie, and I’ll admit a little cheesy, but it is cute.  A motherless girl wishes for a mom for Christmas, and a mannequin from the department store the girl frequents comes alive to fulfill her wish.  I first saw it as a kid and loved it.  I’ve watched it almost every Christmas since.

2.  A Boyfriend For Christmas.  Also a Hallmark movie, this one is quite funny.  A man shows up at a young woman’s house on Christmas and said he was sent by Santa.  Believing this is the product of a friend’s prank, the woman allows the man to accompany her home so she can avoid her family’s probing questions about her love life.  Hilarity ensues!

3.  Home Alone.  This is the story of boy who is accidentally left home alone at Christmas and has to defend his home against the burglars who are trying to invade it.  This a classic that can’t be left off the list.

4.  I’ll Be Home for Christmas. A college aged boy is enticed by a special gift to come home for Christmas.  If he makes it home in time for Christmas, he’ll receive his father’s prized car.  A series of calamities happen to delay his getting home, and through them he realizes he really does want to get home in time for Christmas.

5. While You Were Sleeping.  Sandra Bullock stars in this chick flick, need I say more?  She plays a woman who has no family.  After saving a man from being hit by a train, she rushes to the hospital to check on him and finds him in a coma.  She is mistaken for his fiancee, and before she can correct the mistake, the man’s family embraces her and pulls her into all their family activities.

6.  The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.  Another classic, this is one I’ve enjoyed ever since I was a child.  I’ve also watched this one almost every year since I first discovered it.

7. Mickey’s Christmas Carol.  This is the first Christmas movie I remember seeing.  I was tiny the first time I saw this one, and have loved it ever since!

8. White Christmas.  This is my favorite old Christmas classic.  I love the songs and the story of the two sisters.   I feel I can relate since I have a close relationship with both of my sisters.

9.  All I Want For Christmas.  This is the adorable story of two kids who just want to get their parents back together for Christmas.  Another movie I watch almost every year.

10.  Miracle on 43th Street.  I enjoy both verions, the old one and the newer one.  This is probably my favorite classic Christmas movie.  It’s the story of a girl whose faith in Santa Clause never wavers despite what all the grown-ups tell her.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?  Let me know in the comments!




2 thoughts on “My Top Ten Christmas Movies”

  1. Charity I love Christmas movies! It’s a bit of a tradition in our family too! Some of our favorites are, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Bishop’s Wife, The Bells of St Mary’s. All black and white, which our kids thought were weird at first! They are some of mine and my husbands favorites and the kids are growing an appreciation for them too! Everyone in our house loves White Christmas!
    Thanks for sharing your list we’ll need to check out some of those too!

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