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Interview with Melanie Dickerson

After reading The Captive Maiden, I interviewed Melanie Dickerson for my blog.  Here is the interview, hope you enjoy!

CR: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

MD: I decided I wanted to be a novelist when I was in middle school or high school. But then as a senior in high school, after writing two novels, I decided getting published was going to be really difficult so I put my writing aside to go to college and get a “real” job. I picked it back up about 15 years later.

CR: What is your favorite fairy tale?

MD: Beauty and the Beast is my favorite, but I love all the romantic ones.

CR: What inspired you to write “A Captive Maiden”?

MD: I was inspired by Valten’s character while I was writing The Fairest Beauty. I thought he really got the short end of the stick in that story and he deserved to get to rescue his own damsel in distress.

CR: Are you going to have anymore books in the Hagenheim series?

MD: I have just finished the first draft of a Little Mermaid story that is actually a sequel to The Merchant’s Daughter. At this point, I don’t know if there will be any more Hagenheim stories or not.

CR: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

MD: I’m going to have three books out in 2016 and 3 books in 2017! My first Regency romance, A Spy’s Devotion, comes out Feb. 9th, so I’m really excited and nervous, hoping my readers will like this book, even though it’s something a bit different from my Medieval fairy tales. But I will have two more Medieval fairy tales out, one in May and one in Nov., so there’s something for everyone. 🙂

Melanie Dickerson is the author of Medieval fairy tale retellings, including The Healer’s Apprentice and The Merchant’s Daughter, both Christy Award finalists, winner of The National Reader’s Choice Award for 2010’s Best First Book, and winner of the 2012 Carol Award in Young Adult fiction. She earned her bachelor’s degree in special education from The University of Alabama. She has taught children with special needs in Georgia and Tennessee, and English to adults in Germany and Ukraine. Now she spends her time writing and taking care of her husband and two daughters near Huntsville, Alabama. Visit her on the web at

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