Cinderella Series

Ash and Bramble-Giveaway

My fourth Cinderella retelling is Ash and Bramble by Sarah Prineas.  I’m also giving away a copy of her book (see the details at the bottom of this post).  Good luck!

This book is a twist on the tale, with the fairy godmother set up as the antagonist. Pin, the Cinderella of the story, must choose between a peasant boy and the prince.  A fast paced story, with all kinds of unexpected twists and turns, it held my interest until the end.  Though is was an unusual spin on the classic tale, it was an enjoyable read and a great addition to any fairy tale collection.

From the inside flap of the book: 

A prince.
A ball.
A glass slipper left behind at the stroke of midnight.
The tale is told and retold, twisted and tweaked, snipped and stretched, as it leads to happily ever after.
But it is not the true Story.
A dark fortress.
A past forgotten.
A life of servitude.

No one has ever broken free of the Godmother’s terrible stone prison until a girl named Pin attempts a breathless, daring escape. But she discovers that what seems to be freedom is a prison of another kind, one that entangles her in a story that leads to a prince, a kiss, and a clock striking midnight. To unravel herself from this new life, Pin must choose between a prince and another—the one who helped her before and who would give his life for her. Torn, the only thing for her to do is trade in the glass slipper for a sword and find her own destiny.

Terms and Conditions for the Giveaway:  You must be a resident of the United States.  I will be giving away one copy of Ash and Bramble by Sarah Prineas.  A winner will be drawn randomly from all entries submitted.  The giveaway runs from Jan. 15th to Feb. 8th.  The winner will be announced on my blog on Feb. 19th.

Ash and Bramble Giveaway

I’ve really enjoyed doing this series of Cinderella retellings, and I may add a couple more posts to the series, as I have few more Cinderella retellings I want to share.  I have a couple of exciting things to share next month, as well as a special project that I will post about later this week.  February is going to be a great month!


11 thoughts on “Ash and Bramble-Giveaway”

  1. Cinder, I am eating it right now. At about 40%. To be honest, it’s the only Cinderella retelling I have read.

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