Favorite Fairytale Retelling

It was hard to pick a favorite fairytale retelling, because I enjoy so many of them, but I finally decided on Beauty by Robin McKinley.  This was one of the first fairytale retellings I read, and I loved it!  After reading it, I began my search for other fairytale retellings. So in a way, it was this book that began my love for them.

This book is a bit older (it was first published in 1978), so it doesn’t have some of the modern twists and turns that some of the newer retellings have, but it is a wonderful book.  It takes the tale of Beauty and the Beast and fleshes it out, adding depth and connection to the story.  It whisks you away to another world, a fairytale world where magic happens and dreams come true.  When I read it, I felt as if I had truly entered that world and I was sad when I finished the book, wishing there was still more of it to read.

If you have not read this fairytale retelling, it is one you should definitely put on your to read list!

Note: I apologize for posting this picture a bit late, but I will be posting tomorrow and the next day to catch up!  Hope you are enjoying the pictures!!


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