I love Libraries!

I love libraries.  I have ever since the first time my mother took me to the public library and let me pick out some books.  There is something awe-inspiring about walking into a library. So many books at your fingertips, just waiting for you to explore them. You walk in and can’t wait to find that perfect book, that one, or two, or three, you just have to read.  Libraries have done a lot for me too.

Growing up, my parents didn’t have a lot of extra money, so they couldn’t afford to buy lots of books for me and my siblings.  But we had the library, and we used it frequently.  Every week, we would go and pick out books.

I discovered I loved mysteries and fantasy books.  I explored a thousand different places through books.  I developed excellent reading skills, which placed me at the top of my reading class in school.  And my love of reading soon led to my love of writing.  Without a library, I may have never become the writer I am today.

Today, I have many, many books at home, but I still utilize my local library.  They have lots of expensive reference books, that I can’t really justify buying, especially when I only need to use them a little.

I also still enjoy checking out mysteries and fantasy books that I don’t own.  They now have e-books and audio books  that you can download to a kindle, e-reader, or tablet, and you can do this instantly as long as the book is available.

While some people today may not understand the importance of the local library, there are still many others who depend on the services the library provides.  Children, whose parents cannot afford to buy them a lot of books, come to the library and are able to checkout as many books as they can read.

People use the internet connection the library provides, especially when they don’t have internet service in their homes.  People looking for jobs are able to get help with resumes and with locating job opportunities.  Many libraries also have special activities for people of all ages to come and participate in.

So while some may think the traditional library outdated, I find that the library is an essential part of any community.  The public library played a huge role in my childhood, offering me the chance to discover the world, a chance I would never have had without it.


9 thoughts on “I love Libraries!”

  1. LOVE this Charity 🙂 !!! We’re kindred spirits! This post makes me think of Rory Gilmore of the Gilmore Girls fame when she’s a student at Yale and showing a high school student around the campus. They go into the library and Rory mentions the smell of books…there IS nothing like it in the world!!!!! GREAT post!

  2. I cannot think of many a book lover or writer that doesn’t have a love for libraries. They are wonderful. I wish I had the energy to go more often. A very delightful post, thank you, Charity!

  3. This is the best, Charity! I’ve always lurked at the library from the time I was allowed to have a library card (in our town, I had to be 6 years old to have my own card). Also, when my husband and I bought our home, I told our real estate agent that anywhere we were interested in living, we had to be walking distance to the local library. And, we are! But more importantly, thank you for reminding me that libraries are for everyone.

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