Little O's Journal

Little O’s Observations Journal: Entry 1

My mother spends a lot of time on this machine, so I’ve been begging her to let me help.  It’s so fun to push these little buttons with my paws, and skate across the finger pad. I like pushing my nose up to the screen, and watching the letters appear out of nothing. It’s like magic! Oh, but I’m getting sidetracked.

Guess what?  My mom finally agreed to let me help her.  She said I could post about once a month on whatever topic I want.  Isn’t that great?

Well, first things first, I should introduce myself.

My name’s Oreo, sometimes I go by Little O.  I am a black and white pomchi.  (That’s a Pomeranian and chihuahua mix, for those who might not know.)  I am about five years old, though I’m not really sure when my birthday is.  Before my mom and dad rescued me I lived in the wild, so I don’t know when I was born.  We celebrate my birthday on the day I was rescued, September 11th.

My main job is protecting our house.  There are lots of gigantic, evil cats lurking about that I have to scare away.  And sometimes, there’s stranger danger – strange people come and pound on the door.  But not to worry, they soon run away from my ferocious bark.  And on occasion,  another dog wanders off of his property and onto mine.  Then I have him to remind him to stay off, because it belongs to me.

I guess that pretty much covers the introduction, so that’s all for now.  I’ll be back next month with some more exciting observations from my life!

Until then,

Little O





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