Fairy Tale Central February Blog Tag


In honor of National Tell a Fairy Tale, I decided to participate in the Fairy Tale Central’s February Fairy Tale blog tag. I love their blog and their Instagram page. They have lots of fun fairy tale themed challenges and plenty of fairytale retelling recommendations. If you love fairytales, you need to bookmark their blog!

So here are the questions for the blog tag with my answers 🙂 :

What’s an obscure fairy tale you love?  “The Wild Swans” (Anderson version) or The Six Swans (Grimm version), and The Steadfast Tin Soldier

If you got to choose Disney’s next animated princess movie, what fairy tale would you choose to be adapted? The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Before Tangled came out, my answer would have been Rapunzel. 🙂

What is the first fairy tale you remember hearing when you were a child? It’s hard to actually know which one I heard first. The first one that made an impact on me was The Steadfast Tin Soldier. I was given a lovely illustrated book with this fairy tale and a few others that I don’t remember now, but I just remember I loved looking at the pictures for The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

If you were to embark on a fairy tale quest, what necessities would you pack in your bag? My cloak and my dagger, food, water, maps, my bow and arrows, healing herbs and bandages.

What’s your favorite fairy tale trope? rags to riches, because there’s something so magical about an event or series of events being able to so drastically change your life.

If you could be any fairy tale character archetype (the princess, the soldier, fairy godmother, talking animal, mischievous imp, wise old woman, evil stepmother/sister, etc.), who would you want to be and why? The princess, of course. But not one who needs rescuing, one who does the rescuing. Why, because I’d love to rule my own country. 😉

What animal/mythical creature would be your sidekick for fairy tale adventures? A unicorn that can fly!

What is your favorite historical era, and what fairy tale would you love to see in that setting? the Victorian era. I’m writing a Bluebeard retelling that has a Victorian vibe, and I’d also love to see a Beauty and the Beast retelling set in that era.

If you could change a fairy tale’s villain into a hero, who would you choose and why? Captain Hook, because it’s horrible to be doomed to your fate by boy who refuses to grow up. (I’m playing around with an idea for a sequel to my Bluebeard retelling that would be a Peter Pan retelling where the Hook character is the hero.)

Do you prefer fairy tales with happy endings or sad/tragic endings? why or why not? Happy endings! I’m always going to say happy endings. (The only exception is a villain origin story, because I do love Heartless by Marissa Meyer.)  There’s enough real life tragedy in the world, and when I want a fairytale, I want the fairytale ending to go along with it!!

This was so much fun, but some of the questions I had to think about a little bit. How about you? What do you love most about fairytales? If you want to join in on the blog tag, you can find all the details here.


3 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Central February Blog Tag”

  1. So glad you joined in the fairy tale blog tag!

    Aren’t illustrated children’s books of fairy tales the BEST thing ever? I remember reading Cinderella and Thumbelina a billion times as a kiddo and admiring at all the pictures.

    Smart! Healing herbs and bandages are totally a necessity on a fairy tale quest.

    A flying unicorn as a sidekick would be PERFECT.

    Oooo love the idea of Hook as a hero! Do it!

  2. Oh my goodness, I have that exact copy of Andersen fairy tales!!! I love it so much! And The Wild Swans! YES YES YES. It is one of my faaaaves. The Twelve Dancing Princesses too! I want an epic adaptation of it sooo badly. It needs to happen!

    Rags-to-riches is my favorite fairy tale trope too! 😀 It’s just so SATISFYING having the poor peasant end up as royalty. I love it so much!

    A flying unicorn would be an epiiiic companion! I love that!

    A Bluebeard Victorian story? Um. YES PLEASE!!!

    CAPTAIN HOOK. That is SUCH a good answer! Captain Hook is just great, so seeing him actually turn good? That would be AH-MAY-ZING!

    These answers were so much fun! Thank you for joining in!!!

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